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About Us

Expert earth movers at home in Taranaki

Darcy Keene Earthmoving Ltd has a lengthy and successful track-record as specialist earth movers here in the Taranaki area. Check out some earthmoving work in the pictures below, and don’t forget we would love to hear about any earthmoving project you might need a hand with.

Plant and Equipment available

Darcy Keene Earthmoving Ltd owns and operates a wide range of well maintained late model machinery suitable to complete works to the highest standard for all types of civil construction projects, available for hire at very competitive rates which include:
  • Excavators ranging from 2.2 ton to 35 ton with long reach or wheel options & rock breaker & drill attachments available
  • D53, D65 & D85 Komatsu 16 to 30 ton Bulldozers
  • Terex 30 ton Dump Trucks
  • Marooka Dumpers 2 ton & 15 ton
  • Assorted Rollers 2 ton to 13 ton
  • Graders & Loaders
  • Assorted Tipper Trucks & Trailers
  • John Deere Tractors & Trailers
Plant and Equipment
Plant and Equipment
Plant and Equipment
Expert earth movers at home in Taranaki

Our Capability

Darcy Keene Earthmoving Ltd has the experience, resources and a team of skilled and experienced operators and up to date equipment which allows us to undertake a wide range of works which includes:
  • Earthworks
  • Storm water drainage
  • Water mains
  • Sewerage system construction
  • Roading preparation
  • Large and small subdivisions
  • Site works
  • Demolition
  • Land Development
  • Car parks and lay down areas  
  • Pipelines
  • Pavement construction

Management Skills

Darcy Keene Earthmoving Ltd is committed to providing a safe working environment providing any training required  and has a proactive work safe approved health and safety plan in place. 
 Managing Director Darcy Keene is responsible for the overall management and co ordination of all contracts and works 
undertaken  which ensures quality workmanship and works completed on time. "I take pride in our high standard of workmanship and will always endeavor to maintain this standard. I believe in team work and good communication and believe we have the resources to carry out a wide range of work for clients”
Darcy has a proven track record demonstrated by his 30+ years in business being a hands on Manager and experienced Operator in the Civil Construction Industry and the appropriate safety requirements which is invaluable when complex situation arise.


Some examples of contracts Darcy Keene Earthmoving Ltd have successfully completed to date are:
Pukiariki museam site – New Plymouth
Client: New Plymouth District Council
(Demolition & siteworks)

Richmond Centre Development – New Plymouth
Client: Harker Construction
(Demolition & siteworks)

Harvey Norman Site – New Plymouth 
Client: KCL Properties
(Demolition and siteworks)

Valley mega cenre – New Plymouth
Client: KCL Properties
(Demolition and Siteworks)

New Plymouth Boys High School
Client: Ministry of education
(Demolition )

Waste water treatment ponds - Mania
Client: South Taranaki District Council,
(Building settling ponds)
Links Coastal Developments - New Plymouth
Client: LCD, Year (2004 – 2014)
(Complete Civil Works including drainage & roading for a 150 section sub division)

Links Coastal Developments Storm-water retention ponds – New Plymouth
Client: LCD, Year (2005 – 2006)
(Sheet piling, permathene liner, rock facing , flood protection, stormwater installation)
Gregmont Industrial Park – New Plymouth
Client: Gregmont Ltd, Year (2006 – 2007)
(Bulk earthworks, drainage, roading)

Cygnet Industrial Park  – New Plymouth
Client: Cygnet Developments, Year (2005)
(Civil Works & drainage including pipe bridge for a 30 section industrial sub-division)
Waitara River Stopbank Upgrade - Waitara
Client:Taranaki Regional Council Year (2016)
(Footpaths, river face rock  placement, siteworks  & reinstatement)
Blagdon S/W Improvements – New Plymouth
Client: New Plymouth District Council, Year (2010 - 2011)
( Civil Works & stormwater installation in depths up to 10 meters using trench sheild.)

Keene Drive Subdivision – New Plymouth
Client: Naki Developments Ltd (2009 – 2014)
(Complete Civil Works, drainage & roading for to date 48 sections.)

Lakeview Subdivision – New Plymouth
Client: Garrett, Year (2012 – 2015)
(Complete Civil Works, drainage & roading & rock placement for  42 sections.)

New Plymouth Police Station Demolition
Client: Clelands Construction Ltd, Year (2012)
(Bulk demolition & removal of  large concrete building)
McBride Bridge storm repair - Stratford Client: Stratford District Council year(2016)
(Reconstruction rock placement & timber facing in river abutment )
This selection of contracts demonstrates DKEL knowledge and ability to control multiple contracts with vastly different construction sequences and practices.
Expert earth movers at home in Taranaki
Expert earth movers at home in Taranaki
Expert earth movers at home in Taranaki
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